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Shortbeam plays media files on your TV or set-top-box using the Zapstreak SDK.

Our Mission

The Zapstreak's mission is to enrich the consumption of multimedia.

We love to watch our movies and TV series. We also love our gadgets, be it smmartphones or tables. And especially we love watching on the big screen. That's why we want you to send your photos, music and video from the gadgets to The Big Screen with one simple click.

What Zapstreak Does?

Zapstreak is a library (SDK) that allows you to play media files (music, video & photos) wireless from itnernet or a mobile device (be it Android or iOS) on a DLNA-enabled devices. For example: connected and smart TVs, game consoles, HiFi & home-theater setups.

The only requirement is that both devices, the source (phone, tablet) and the playback destination (TV, HiFi) need to be connected to the same network. This is usually WiFi, but can be LAN as well in case of TVs and other large appliances.

If you do not have a connected TV or smart TV at hand, simply install the XBMC software on your PC or Mac. After installation go to

System » Settings » Network » Allow control via UPnP

and your computer should be discoverable by Zapstreak and Shortbeam.

How Zapstreak Works?

To use Zapstreak in your mobile application you need to follow this three simple steps.

  1. Register
  2. Choose a plan suitable for your application and proceed with the purchase process.

    Once finished log into the Client Dashboard with the credentials you've received via e-mail during the purchase process.

  3. Download the SDK
  4. Download the SDK for your platform (Android & iOS) with the accompanying documentation. Also take note of the API license key — you'll need it later.

  5. Incorporate Into Your Application
  6. Put the downloaded SDK library into your project following the Integration Guideline. Provide a unique API license key you obtained from the Zapstreak account page.

You're all set now! Your application should start discovering DLNA-enabled devices that are viable for media playback. Use your imagination to make Zapstreak do wonderful things. Make sure to drop us a line at info@zapstreak.com showing off your Zapstreak accomplishments.

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