We are Zapstreak

and all your media are belong to us! Zapstreak, as many other brilliant ideas, has been born out of laziness and luxury of the couch. We love our TV series and movies, and we love them on the big screen.

We also love mobile and we've been playing with it as freelancers and as a software house Fusion Sheep for a few years now. Bringing together two worlds, the web and the mobile, is our dream, so tag along.

The Team

Matt Rutkowski

Matt Rutkowski

The Man, Founder

Born to code, raised to lead this man is the heart & soul of Zapstreak. Forged by the mobile market, both as a freelancer and a company man, he came up with the idea of Zapstreak and has been leading us since then.

Stefan Bielau

Stefan Bielau

PR & Marketing Consultant, Co-Founder

Media giant with more then a decade of experience both in German and Polish companies. He knows people and people know him. Went freelance and consulting after various management position in the media market.

Karolina Deja

Karolina Deja

Executive Account Manager

Leaves no stone unturned when it comes to sales. And does that with style. Prior to joining Zapstreak she separated people from sheep as a HR Executive and brought many deals for a few Polish software houses. Keeps us men on our toes here at Zapstreak.

Krzystof Łebzuch

Krzysztof Łebzuch


Krzysztof has a head full of ideas (obviously) and an unwavering passion for code. Doesn't matter whether it's Java, C#, heck even Boyscout Code — he can hack it.

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